Johan Malmström, konstnär, Tlox kulturproduktion,



Being a visual artist is, for me, a way of exploring my relation to the world and a state of mind. My relation to society, poetry, philosofy, estetics and physical space is reflected in my works. The feeling of creating poetic meaning is what keeps me going.

My work starts in a question about possibilities of art itself. From there I take on concepts and visual spaces. I like to see my works as textual bodies or embodied language.  

Dialectics, critique, infidelity to my own dogms and a search for communicative formulations leads on and places me in a vertiginous and vivid space of unsertainty where I can let my curiosity loose. This state of mind is central in my approach to art and life and I think that it is equally important for society as a hole.



2019-04-09 09:29:48 |  Caochangi Art Zone
2019-01-09 17:31:51 |  Under text
2018-12-11 13:59:14 |  Bie biennal